The Lakes

3 lakes just for you

Fishing is available on our 3 private lakes and is lake exclusive to our guests with no licences or permits required. All 3 lakes are accessible by vehicles to the lakeside if required and are suitable for the less mobile anglers. No shortage of action on the lakes with our largest lake being stocked annually in November since 2017. New stock this year with Grass Carp, Commons and Mirrors to 40lb along with Siberian Sturgeon. With a separate lake for Catfish that also contains original Carp and Pike to 25lb. We also have a traditional English style lake with a mix of Grass Carp, Commons and Mirrors from low teens to mid 20’s.

Landing nets, cradles ,unhooking mats, scales and weighing tripods and chairs are provided and available to guests free of charge. Rod ,reel combos and alarms are available to hire as well as bait boats. Bait buckets ,Maize and particle mix and a range of in house Pellets and Boilies are available to pre order on request or on arrival.

The sheep field lake

main lake

Our largest lake with a slate, silt bottom with depths ranging from 4–11ft. Selectively stocked annually since 2016 the lake now contains a good head of Commons and Mirrors from mid teens to 40lb ,Grass Carp from high teens to 40lb.

In 2017 we introduced 3 Siberian Sturgeon to the lake , and along with our specimen Crucians and Tench are all growing at an excellent rate on our Coppens house pellets.

Predator fish include Pike ,Zander and Perch. The lake is suitable for a max of 3 anglers , a 4th possibly by arrangement and has 6/7 pegs from the first Peg ,The Willow which is around 60 metres from the Gite and pegs continue in line to the Dam wall end peg. With the ability to pump water from a 4th lake we are able to maintain good water levels year round even in hot summers. The lake is also aerated in summer giving excellent oxygen levels ensuring good fish wellbeing.

the horse lake

lake 2

A small English style lake which is tree lined on all sides. Depths range from 3 -7 ft. The lake contains original Commons, Mirrors and Grass Carp from lower teens to mid 20’s.The lake has a maximum of 4 marked pegs and is suitable for max of 2/3 anglers only.

A different lake to fish to give the main lake a break or to fish in adverse hot or bad weather being shaded on all sides and having lots of cover ideal for a bit of on the top stalking and a real favourite with our annual returning guests.

the cutting lake

lake 3

Originally and old railway cutting and now a secluded deep lake with tree lined ,steep shale banks. Fishing is only allowed from the main peg at the open end and is suitable for a max of 2 anglers only.

The lake has hard bottom and ranges in depth from 3 – 15 ft. Contains original Commons and Mirrors from low teens to mid 20’s along with Grass Carp ,Pike and Perch. The lake also contains Catfish (Silure) from mid teens to mid 30’s and growing.

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