Fishing Rules

We’re sure you’ll understand, but to protect the fish and their envirionment we’ve come up with some easy to follow rules!

  • Please use rubbish bins provided
  • Maximum three rods per angler
  • Rods must not be left unattended when lines are in the water
  • No sacking or retaining fish allowed
  • Carp cots and weigh slings are provided on site and must be used to prevent cross-contamination
  • Landing nets must be dipped if requested to prevent cross-contamination
  • A suitable antiseptic treatment ( such as Klin-Ik ) must be used at all times¬†
  • Minimum 15lb mono mainline, no bent hook rigs or braided mainline, micro-barb or barbless hooks only¬†
  • No particles ( except tinned sweetcorn/carp pelletd or pre-prepared particles purchased at La Petite Coquais ) and no nuts of any type
  • No swimming in the lake and do not tamper with the life buoys provided, which are there for your own protection
  • We reserve the right to inspect fishing tackle
  • Arrival time at La Petite Coquais is 4pm and departure time is 10am
  • No breakfast available on morning of departure